Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality financial resources that focus on the development and prosperity of our clients, communities and bank family through leadership and passion.

TCB Vision

Our vision is to activate what makes TCB unique and replicate it client after client, community after community, and employee after employee.

What makes us unique is the fact that we don't sell financial products and services based on "the almighty dollar." We cannot make our financial tools a commodity. We are not the price leader, nor are we the loss leader. We provide financial tools based on the unique need and the best interest of the client. Our bank family knows that when the client's best interest is served, they will be back, often without shopping elsewhere. They share our vision and uniqueness and become our greatest asset (a satisfied customer). We have seen and heard this time and time again with clients young and old, operations big and small. This means that we may not receive immediate compensation for our services. Remember, compensation can come in various ways, many years later. This also means that some clients will pass us by seeking the ultimate deal or choosing to deal with someone that is willing to cut corners. We cannot compromise these issues and plan to operate in the long run.

We know that TCB has never been a month-by-month results organization that demands immediate financial results for the sake of today. We prefer to be measured by the success and growth of our clients, community, and bank family over longer periods of time. TCB is not a person or a business, but a concept -- a concept that remains the same since the original plan was devised in 1945. This concept will remain constant, despite the ever-changing environment we all face.

To continue this uniqueness and to reach the areas of success we have defined will require us to think in a very different manner than we have in the past. It is imperative that we each understand, believe, and follow through with this concept, whether it's shredding paper or the annual board of directors meeting. Every resource we have must be dedicated to supporting our uniqueness and the TCB concept.

Now that we have defined our uniqueness and outlined our concept, it's time to step up put these ideas to work. We are fortunate to have so many people capable of delivering our message in their own distinctive manner. We expect fantastic results to be realized through a group of uniquely talented people, all working under the same concept and towards a level of success that will reach beyond our imagination.

The time is now to deliver the financial resources that focus on the development and prosperity of our clients, communities, and bank family through leadership and passion!

Thank You From Us To You

If you're already a TCB customer, we'd like to thank you for your ongoing commitment to us and vow to return that very same respect and dedication to you, in every single interaction we make. If you're just discovering us for the first time, we invite you to learn more about what all The Tri-County Bank offers and the value that provides you as a customer.