Our Mission

Our mission is to grow our legacy as an independent community bank with our highly engaged, responsible, and inspired bank family by creating value for our customers and communities.

Our Vision

We will strive to further our legacy by making every effort to deliver quick, local decisions and business expertise from our highly inspired and engaged team.  In reaching our strategic goals, we will operate in a prudent, progressive manner that is conducive to sound fiscal management, innovation, and integrity.   

We understand that obtaining economies of scale through organic growth and new market expansion is a critical component of our success.  Combining this growth with exceptional profitability will allow us to be leaders in the markets we serve, and to give back to our communities.  

We believe local economic growth expectations, and our team’s capacity will support this projection.  In addition, identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities will play an important role in attaining our goals.   

Our continued responsibility is to remain a family-owned independent community bank and nurture a healthy business model that can exist for future generations.  Our well-defined core values govern our business strategy and is fundamental to success in our team member selection, retention, and succession. 

Our Values


High ethical standards, financially and morally accountable 


Visionary and transparent leadership within our communities and industry 


Dedicated, motivated and inclusive to all TCB stakeholders, united in our mission and goals 


High level of professionalism and quality performance in all that we do 


Delivering customer value in a sound and secure environment 


Fostering an inclusive culture that supports open communication at all levels 

Customer Promise

If you're already a TCB customer, we'd like to thank you for your ongoing commitment to us and vow to return that very same respect and dedication to you, in every single interaction we make. If you're just discovering us for the first time, we invite you to learn more about what all The Tri-County Bank offers and the value that provides you as a customer.