Your success is our priority. That’s why we partner with state and federal programs to secure affordable financing for your business.

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Variety of Programs
  • Local Processing
  • Designed to help both new and established family-sized farms receive financing
  • Competitive rates to meet a wide range of agricultural needs:
    • Land
    • Livestock
    • Equipment
    • Feed
    • Seed
    • Supplies
    • Building construction
    • Farm improvements
  • Two types of farm operating loans available
  • Local decision-making and processing
  • Helpful, customized service throughout the entire process

To learn more about financing options and qualifications, visit the USDA FSA website.

  • Increase your access to capital and reduce the cost of credit
  • Available specifically for rural Americans that own eligible agricultural assets
  • Competitive financing for the following loans:
    • Farm & Ranch Loan Purchase
    • Farm & Ranch Credit Protection
    • USDA Guarantee Loan Purchase
    • Wholesale Financing
    • Custom Solutions
  • Government backing produces long-term fixed rate options
  • Availability of funds in good times and in bad

To learn more about Farmer Mac II loans, visit the Farmer Mac website.

  • Access competitive and flexible real estate loans through MetLife Investment Management
  • Use it to expand your operation or refinance an existing mortgage
  • Available for farm and ranch properties, including dry land and irrigated farms, permanent plantings and ranchland
  • Intermediate and long-term fixed or adjustable rate mortgage financing
  • Flexible terms and structuring
  • Large loan participations
  • A streamlined closing process – our in-depth, up-front due diligence before loan application ensures less approval risk
  • Competitive financing for beginnging farmers and ranchers that meet requirements
  • Made for beginning borrowers looking to establish a new operation
  • Includes flexible terms and generally lower interest rates
  • Available for a variety of needs:
    • Purchase of agricultural land
    • Permanent improvements to land
    • Equipment or machinery
    • Breeding livestock
  • Statewide initiative, available to businesses that meet certain energy regulations
  • Through the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) 
  • Available for qualified improvements, equipment, or technical advances
  • Competitive financing available up to 15 years, 5 years for appliances

To learn more about options and qualifications, visit the Nebraska Energy Office website.