Who's In Control?

Shopping, budgeting, paying bills. You deal with your money every day. But who’s controlling it? The fact is, megabanks hold an unfair amount of our nation’s money supply (44% to be exact)1.

The Status Quo Under Megabank Rule.


Bank of America's CEO made $23 million in 2017, yet still nickel and dimed customers by raising their e-Checking's monthly fee to $12. 2,3


Wells Fargo created 3.5 million fake accounts under customers' names, resulting in a $185 million fine in 2016. 4


JPMorgan Chase has abused customers since 2001 — from stealing $1 billion to charging minorities higher mortgage rates. 5

Meanwhile, Americans are struggling:

57% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings. 6

Your Money. Back Where It Belongs.

Kasasa is a movement to keep your money where it can do the most good — for yourself and your community. Here's what happens when you bank local:

Your Money Stays Here...

...at The Tri-County Bank — where people know you by name and work to better the place you call home.

Your Money Grows...

...thanks to competitive earnings, from people who care as much about your success as you do.

Your Money Transforms...

...into a small business loan for a local entrepreneur, as we reinvest funds back into our communities.

Your Money Creates...

...a stronger local economy, new jobs, and better opportunities for you and your neighbors.

Your Rewards. From The Tri-County Bank & Kasasa.

While megabanks overcharge and outright steal, we pay you just for banking here. Kasasa accounts have given back over $505 million (so far):

Cash Rewards

ATM Withdrawal Fee Refunds

No Monthly Maintenance Fees


More Money For You

Take Back Banking™.

Kasasa has been fighting on behalf of community banks and credit unions since 2009. This isn’t just about better banking. This is about banking for the better. Because you deserve to be in control of your money.

Keeping funds local, nationwide:

2 Million Accounts Have Been Opened Across All 50 States.

The Experts Are Fans Too.

Kasasa offers one of the best checking and savings account packages in the nation.

Kasasa combines the virtues of community banking with cutting-edge retail banking technology.

A win-win for both account holders and their institutions (local banks or credit unions).

Hundreds of small community banks have joined forces to offer these kinds of high-yield checking accounts under the national brand name Kasasa.

The Kasasa account can be an easy way to boost the return on cash savings.

Ready to take control? Join the Movement